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Trinket box


A trinket box for a big birthday. With house mouse peeping from his hole and Mrs Mouse inside guarding the cheese.

The top and base are made from Oak whilst the sides are made from light red Meranti, which is often referred to as ‘Philippine Mahogany’ (although the link between Meranti and true Mahogany is quite tenuous).

The outside mouse and the large wedge of cheese are Beech, the small cheese is Oak and Mrs Mouse (in the box) is made from a reclaimed beam from a demolition site. I have no idea what this is but it has a fantastic variation in colour throughout its’ body.

The lid ‘stay’ is made from an old guitar string – nothing goes to waste.


Birthday Mirror


This mirror was made for a special birthday for someone who just loved to dance. The theme was 70’s disco with a mirror ball that could still be used as a functioning mirror.

The mirror measures 400mm x 500mm and is set in a solid oak frame.

Fonts used are ‘Boecklins Universe’ for the mirror text and ‘Psychedelia HM’ for the ‘Dancing Queen’ text.

Music text

Sun Dial


About five years ago, our very close friends reluctantly cut down the apple tree that had been taking over their garden. The tree had been a much loved feature for many years but the roots were threatening foundations so it had to go.

As many apples were salvaged and boiled into crumble filling before being frozen for future use and the tree was felled. However, unknown to them, a slice of the trunk was kept to one side to dry out for a future project.

Now, five years on, and to help celebrate their Ruby anniversary, I took the slice of apple tree and made a sun dial for the newly re-landscaped garden to return the tree to its’ former home.

The numbers are made from glass discs with the relevant number sandblasted onto the underside.

Not sure how accurate it will be or how often the sun will shine hard enough to cast a shadow but there are always modern clocks on hand for back up.

Coffee duster

Click on image to enlarge.

A notable birthday required a special gift for a coffee lover who is affectionately known as Barista Bob.

Bob loves to pamper his guests with the coffee of their choice and particularly likes to prepare a rich cappuccino complete with a delicate dusting of chocolate. With this in mind his sister-in-law asked me to make a personalised duster for his big day.

I cut two dusters from a sheet of smoke grey Perspex and made a stand from a thicker acrylic block. The base was made from a 100mm mirror disc with the ‘Barista Bob’ design included. A set of mirrored ‘Barista Bob’ discs were also made for matching coasters. Whilst the two dusters were the same size, the designs cut out of each were different sizes to accommodate different size mugs.

Simply place the mug on the base and slot the duster into the appropriate slot to fit above the mug and dust away.


In addition to the duster I made a stand for his coffee pods that also incorporated a rest for the duster at the top.