For many years now I have been designing and fabricating numerous items incorporating a variety of materials. These include everything from furniture to kitchen units, fire escapes to acoustic guitars and a hoard of other obscure things in between.

I have a passion for individualised design and one-off projects that test ingenuity and creativity and hopefully result in an interesting and practical finished article.

I don’t like to limit myself to a particular material but rather prefer to explore all options to fit in with the desired finished effect. This is often constantly changing throughout development as a desired material might make the design difficult with the limited supply of tools to hand. On the other hand, the material might stay whilst the design changes.

I love wood – Walnut, Ash and Wenge amongst my favourites for a warm and traditional finish.

Steel or aluminium for a strong, more modern or clean and sharp effect.

Carbon fibre, fibreglass, resins or plastics provide great flexibility in design and unlimited design possibilities.

Put them all together and the possibilities are endless.