Anniversary table

Ten years after taking the wedding photographs and making the wedding album, the groom gave me the wedding cards from the big day. He had secretly been holding on to them and as their tenth anniversary approached, he asked if I could incorporate the greetings from the cards within a table to celebrate their first ten years together.

This is the result. The Mahogany slab that forms the main part of the table was reclaimed and supplied by the groom from a demolition site he was working on. This provided enough timber for this table and also for the top of the toy box I made last year. The greetings from the cards form the border whilst the Oak edges contain the names of the Bride and Groom, their three sons and two dogs. Unfortunately, their third son, Arthur was lost at birth and was celebrated by the Star ashes container I made in 2017.

The A&B initials inlay in the center of the table is copied from the original wedding album design. This is made from a copper pigmented resin with a brass vein forming the outline to the letters.

Finally, the base of the table is an example of ‘Tensegrity’ which relies on the tension in the chains and steel wire to hold the table up. The weight is taken by the chains whilst the steel wires are tensioned to keep it all level and give the impression the table is standing on flexible legs.

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