Chunky guitar complete

A good friend of mine (Chunky) recently celebrated his 50th birthday. To help celebrate, his closest group of friends asked if I would make an acoustic guitar for him if they all shared the cost of the materials. Here is the finished guitar.

As he is a motorcycle fan, I made the guitar around this theme with the Motorcycle frontal design on the headstock. This was inlaid with Abalone, Brass and a stainless steel ring filled with amber resin for the headlight. A further motorcycle design is included at the bottom of the fret board.

The rosette around the soundhole was inspired by the disc brake of a motorcycle and is made from brass, Abalone and Mother of Pearl (MOP) discs to represent the brake caliper. 5 MOP discs – one for each decade.

On the shoulder of the guitar is a sound port which includes a further five small holes to celebrate his 5 decades.

As gold is traditionally the colour for a 50 year celebration the inlays are largely brass and the machine heads are gold.

For more in-depth details regarding materials and construction see the build page here.

I have no idea how the mouse got in there.

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