Dad was a wonderful, caring man who always worked long and hard to look after his six children, of which I was number 5.

But for all his efforts, he could never find peace with his spectacles. He seemed to be stuck in a loop as he would complain that he couldn’t see a thing through the lenses. We would take the glasses from him, clean the lenses and hand them back. As he returned the spectacles to his head and realised the clarity of vision he would simply say, “Oh, that’s better” and all was well again.

We would all have a good laugh about it but it wouldn’t be too long before his oily fingerprints adorned the clean glass and the loop would run another cycle.

After he passed away in 2013, I took a pair of his glasses and set them in clear resin and aluminium for Mum to keep as a fond reminder of the man she had been with for almost 60 years. I added the inscription on the base that summed up the amusement and entertainment he had provided over the years.

                “All the things I might have seen, if only I’d kept my glasses clean.”

In addition to this I carved an anchor into a piece of mahogany to celebrate his love of the sea and his fond memories of his days in the Navy.

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