The final piece to be made was a small chromed anchor set in clear resin within an aluminium sleeve for the headstock.

I managed to salvage yet more aluminium from my former fish tank frame to make the tail piece for the guitar. As the job of the tail piece is to anchor the strings to the base of the guitar, I thought (as there is a nautical theme going on here) that I would make this to resemble the shape of an actual anchor.

This also means the guitar sits between an anchor at the top and bottom with the tension of the strings seemingly holding them together.

I have designed the top of the fret board in an unconventional manner incorporating a ‘Zero’ fret in place of the usual nut and an aluminium name plate which the stings pass through on their way to the machine heads. Above the PEGU name plate sits the truss rod cover which I have made from the mahogany offcuts from the neck. The cover is fashioned on a yacht‘s decking to go with the theme of the main body sides.

With all parts completed, I now have to glue it all together and affix bindings etc to make the finished product at least look like a professional job. Hopefully, this will not take too long…

Next Part 5 (complete)

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