SS Pegu Guitar Build (Part 2)

With the carcass from part 1 safely put to one side, I have joined and partially smoothed the Cedar front  and cut to fit the recess of the carcass. The sound hole ‘plug’ has been cut from the sheet of the Oak used for the top and bottom edges of the carcass.

The Oak sound hole plug will fit into the cutout in the Cedar front from the back. The lip around the edge will glue to the back of the soundboard and provide strength to the circumference of the sound hole. The photograph shows the plug loosely placed in the Cedar front as a preview.

In addition to the SS PEGU text cut into the plug I have cut the date ‘8-7-17′ to represent 8th July. I have left the year as ’17’ to represent 1917 as the year the SS Pegu was sunk and also to represent 2017 as the year the guitar was built. If all goes to plan, the last part of the guitar build will be put into place on 8th July 2017 to complete the guitar on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Pegu.

Everything is rough cut at the moment but with a bit of grain filling and added trim the finished product will be nice and smooth.

The aluminium tailpiece and Purpleheart bridge is for another guitar and is included in the photograph to gauge the finished article. The actual bridge for this guitar will be made from Wenge with a similar aluminium tailpiece.

Next Part 3

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