SS Pegu Guitar Build (Part 1)


Update following on from the Cutty Sark, SS Pegu and Guitar article…


A few weeks into the build and the sides have taken shape – although needing fine finishing.

I suppose ‘sides’ is not the correct term as it is one continuous piece – so more of a carcass than two sides. This is made up of 64 individual ‘planks’ cut from the salvaged SS Pegu Teak. These are 14mm deep and 3mm wide and go together to form the main body of the carcass. The top and bottom of the carcass are made from another 64 individual pieces of Oak set with the grain of each piece running at 90 degrees to its’ neighbour for visual effect – Oak being yet another non-traditional guitar wood.

The Oak is wider than the Teak to act as the Kerfing layer and is recessed to accommodate the soundboard and back. The Kerfing is the ridge on which the front and back of the guitar rests and is usually made from a separate piece of ‘toothed’ wood.

Each ‘plank’ has a lug with a 6mm hole through to allow alignment when assembling and gluing. To strengthen the carcass, once glued, the holes were filled with dowelling to further interlock all pieces.

Although the carcass is one complete unit at the moment, the top will eventually be cut away to allow the neck to join. For the time being it will remain in tact to maintain the strength.

Next – Part 2

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