Guitar lights



Click on image for bigger view.

One of the finishing touches to my kitchen was the light fitting. For the last few years the room has been illuminated by a 100W light bulb dangling on the wire but all that had to change.

I wanted something a little bit different that incorporated my favourite passion – the guitar. My bathroom has LED spot lamps in the ceiling and one day whilst singing in the shower, I looked up and saw the light. The light fitting reminded me of the centre cone of a speaker and an idea was born.

I had my old audio unit from my last car in the cupboard doing nothing so I decided to install that in the kitchen and incorporate the speakers and lights together. I made the two fake amplifier fronts with the LED spotlight effect to look like a speaker. Meanwhile, a real speaker and tweeter were hidden behind the fake speaker front and connected as the ‘front speakers’ to the car audio unit. A string of LED modules were placed on the backs to backlight the amplifiers against the ceiling.

The guitar was made from scraps of hardwood left over from other projects including Oak, Sapele, Walnut, Iroko, Ash and ply wood. The front and neck were finished with opaque Perspex and finished  with a maple effect fret board printed on clear acetate. The inside contains a string of LED modules lighting up the Perspex front and a further string on the back to backlight against the ceiling. A further LED spotlight was placed in the ceiling over the sink area for practicality.

The LED spotlights and LED modules are operated independently so they can be illuminated together or on their own.

The rear speaker connection on the car audio unit is connected to two ceiling speakers in the bathroom.

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