Organic wine rack


Click on image to enlarge.

A friend asked if I could make a wine rack for his own home. He had some chrome bars and other pieces of metal salvaged from his old gym equipment that he asked to be incorporated within the design. An ‘organic’ theme this time was desired to sit in the corner of his kitchen.

I made the frame from 25mm steel box section tubing to form an eight rung ladder effect base to work from. The chrome weight lifting bars were cut down and welded to the ladder to offer supports for the bottles and a grape stamped flat steel bar completed the surrounding frame. A further length of the flat bar and gym bars were made to reach out across the wall to the side of the main wine rack. About 100 steel vine leaves were welded to lengths of thin steel bar and weaved around each other to form the vine effect that grows from the flower pot at the side of the main frame. The vine ‘grows’ around five bottles that are filled with food colouring and dusted with powder paint to give the impression they have been there for some time – engulfed by the growth of the vine.

50 bottles can be stored on this rack (not including the five permanent vintages).

For the wine enthusiast visit I love wine

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