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This has got to be the simplest and cheapest ‘musical’ instrument. This one is very crude and I must say is very poorly finished off. It was literally knocked together in very rough form with very little effort towards the finish other than a lick of paint. But then again, it is something to go on the floor and be ‘stomped’ on so I don’t imagine it would retain any careful finishing for very long.

The sides are just some scraps of 2 x 1 pine made into two chambers then covered top and bottom with a bit of ply wood.

Just put it on the floor in front of you, place your foot over the footprint and stomp. Tap the front of your foot on the top chamber for a light beat or your heel on the bottom chamber for a good low down thud.

Of course, these things can be made from proper tone woods but I just wanted something cheap and cheerful.

A few bracing struts under the ply wood top to add strength and a cheap multi transducer pickup stuck underneath the top and away we go.

Total cost to build was about £5 so it didn’t break the bank – but what do you know – it works.


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