Monopoly board

Click on image to enlarge.

I made this Monopoly/Chess board as a surprise Christmas present for my sons in 1994. Although they were only aged 10 and 7 at the time, they were mad about Monopoly and learning how to play Chess. Unfortunately, funds at the time were very close to extinct so I thought making something totally unique they both could enjoy and show off to their friends would add that little extra special something money can’t buy. I had a tin of veneer off cuts and scraps I had acquired and thought this an excellent way to put them to good use.

The colours in the wood are not as vibrant as when first made but it has had some abuse over the years – it’s still going strong over twenty years later.

Unfortunately, the photographs don not pick out the brass street names very clearly but it does give an idea of the wonderful shades and grains of wood available in veneer form.

Beware Miss Scarlet

As boards tend to have two sides I used up my hoard of veneer to create a Cluedo board on the reverse side of the Monopoly board. The intricate pattern around the border was not by design but due to the fact I didn’t have enough pieces of veneer large enough to fill the board. A little creative licence was needed to fill the board with the remaining off-cuts in my tin.

Both sides of the board were coated with a plastic coating rather than lacquer to protect against the constant rolling of the dice and the movement of the pieces across the surface.



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