A product for all occasions

There are lots of wonderful things available to help celebrate that special occasion but sometimes, ‘mass – produced’ might not seem quite special enough.

My aim is to provide something a little extra; something personal and completely bespoke to mark that special occasion.

When I create something for you, it will be a one-off keepsake designed around you. No two products will be the same as we work together to produce something just for you and no-one else. None of the things you see on this site are for sale but are there as examples of what is possible. The thing you commission does not exist yet so let your imagination flow.

I work with a variety of materials,

  • Wood – Hard, soft, solid, veneer etc
  • Metal – Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass etc
  • Plastics – All kinds
  • Resin – Clear, casting, Fibre Glass, Moulding etc
  • Scrap materials of all kinds.

(I’ve even worked with chocolate – but that never lasts long)

In addition to new creations from new materials I love to breathe new life into old objects. Not to be confused with refurbishing but rather to take something, or parts of something and incorporate them into something completely different.

If you have something that is past its’ best but don’t want to part with it, you might want to consider turning it into something completely different.

Imagine – design – create.

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